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Dominique Trauttmansdorff PhD, ND


The Westin Bund Center Shanghai

88 Henan Central Road

Shanghai 200002




Winkel-Burgstall 25

7532 Litzelsdorf / Burgenland



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China: +86 1391 7769076

(most of the year)


Austria : +43 680 1227895

(April - September)

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Dominique Trauttmansdorff


For the treatment of:


Allergies, Food intolerance, Eczema, Asthma, Hay fever, Migraines, Tinnitus, Hair loss, Gastritis, Neurodermitis, Infections, Chronic diseases, Coeliac disease, Blood pressure, Stress, Weak immune system, Diabetis, Early cancer

Every cell, every part of the body but also viruses, bacteria, pollen, toxins, etc. have an electromagnetic radiation and wave length, known as frequency pattern.

Interfering substance such as toxins, viruses, bacteria or stress inducing radiation disturb cell communication, which results in organic changes.

Therefore, cells communicate again.

Health is regained naturally

For more enquiries please email to: dominique.trauttmansdorff@gmail.com

Cells communicate with eacht other. They exchange information via certain frequencies.

The BICOM device is able to neutralize harmful frequencies and feed healthy ones back to the body. It is completely painless and the success rate ist 80 - 100%.